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Shipping & Delivery Details

Our shipping rates are based on a multitude of factors such as distance, ferry fees, number of saunas being delivered, and accommodations for our installation team.

Deliveries made to the Burin peninsula, Avalon peninsula, north of Port au Choix, and locations off of the island of Newfoundland are subject to increased transportation and installation costs due to ferry fees and accommodation expenses incurred by our installation team. When possible, we try to arrange multiple consecutive installs to these locations in order to counter the extra costs.

To get a quote on shipping please fill out a contact form with your full address. We will get a shipping quote back to you as soon as possible.

Our installation team will deliver your sauna right to your property. We load them onto a flatbed trailer at our shop in Pollards Point Newfoundland and deliver them all over the Maritime provinces. If you are interested in purchasing an Arc sauna and live outside of the Atlantic provinces, we can make arrangements to have your sauna delivered to you. 

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