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Our Design

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Our Unique Shape


We took the barrel sauna and stretched it out at the four corners to provide more breathing room and usable space while still having a small footprint, making it incredibly efficient. Our smallest sauna boasts 78" of headroom and an upper bench length of 80".

Tiered Bench Layout


Often missing in barrel saunas is bench height. The rule of thumb is that you want to have a bench that is the same height or higher than the top of the sauna heater. The upper bench allows you to choose the intensity level.

Large sauna interior provides enough headroom for an upper and lower bench

Revived Natural Finish


Our Saunas are protected using 100% natural pine tar and boiled linseed oil. This timeless method of preserving wood dates back as far as 7,000 years and is far superior than toxic petroleum based products.

Ancient preservation technique is used to treat the exterior of our barrel saunas

Locally Sourced Lumber


Newfoundland's west coast forests grow in abundance but the harsh climate and long winter slow down the growth process, creating annual rings that grow very tight together. This creates a much stronger and resilient wood than faster growing trees in temperate climates.

High quality slow growth spruce is carefully selected for sauna construction

Dimmable LED Lighting


Our under bench waterproof & heat tolerant LED lighting casts a soft white ambient light. Our lighting is installed on a modern touch-less dimmer so you can really dial in the mood. 

Sauna interior is lit with soft under bench touchless dimmable LED lighting

Panoramic Windows


Our Panorama window measures 8" by 42". This size allows plenty of natural light while also giving privacy. Our double-pane window, manufactured here in Newfoundland, is the perfect size for breath-taking landscapes

Long, narrow panorama sauna window provides a view and natural light while still affording privacy and heat efficiency

Wood/Glass Doors


Our solid wood door option seamlessly matches the exterior of the sauna and comes standard with an 6"x14" viewing window. Our glass door option is a great feature for those who want to take in their spectacular views while sauna bathing.

Choose between a wood or glass sauna door

A Handle Above The Rest


Like every other aspect of an Arc Sauna, thoughtful craftsmanship goes into each door handle. Open ended mortise & tenon and half lap joinery fastened in place with hardwood pins distinctly displays the level of luxury inside.

Traditional joinery used to construct the sauna door handle intoduces you to the luxurios sauna interior

Multiple Heating Options


Our saunas offer multiple heater options. Wood stoves are for those who love enjoying the ambience of a natural lit fire, while electric stove options are great for those who appreciate the convenience of modern technology.

Wood sauna bucket and ladel are used to splash water on the sauna stove, both electricl heaters and wood fired heaters
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