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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery & Installation

  • Our saunas are hand made at our shop and secured onto a flatbed trailer in sections. Once we arrive at your location, we unload the sections and assemble the sauna on the prepared flat base.

  • We ship and install our saunas to all of the Atlantic provinces. Simply email us the complete delivery address and we will be happy to provide a shipping quote.

  • We deliver and install to all of the Maritime provinces. Special deliveries to areas outside of the Maritime provinces can be arranged, but orders within the Maritimes will take priority.  Deliveries made to locations off of the island of Newfoundland are subject to increased transportation and installation costs due to ferry fees and accommodation expenses incurred by our installation team. When possible, we try to arrange multiple consecutive main-land installs in order to counter the extra costs.

Preparing the site for your Arc Sauna

  • We recommend a well drained crushed stone pad be installed under the sauna and patio stones to support the ends of each sauna’s cradles, or a 6" concrete pad

  • Yes, our saunas can be installed on a wood deck, but just like a with a hot-tub, it’s important to make sure that the deck is able to support the extra weight. If you would like to find out if your deck is up to the task please reach out to us by email with pictures of the deck and framing. Our team will be happy to help assess the structure and give our expert advise.

  • Before choosing an electric sauna make sure that you have enough space in your panel for a two pole 40 amp breaker. A licensed electrician will need to run an 8 gauge copper wire from your panel to the sauna location. The wire will need to be run underground in a conduit.

How to order a sauna?

  • Once the order is placed we require a 10% deposit to book you into our shop schedule. 8 weeks before your scheduled install date (or sooner), we collect another 40% down payment before we begin construction of your sauna. Once your sauna is built and stacked on the trailer, we deliver it to your location. We require another 40% before unloading the sauna components from the trailer. The final 10% is released once the sauna is assembled on your property. We break up our payments this way to make it more manageable for our clients to seek funds.

  • Lead time for our saunas varies throughout the year, generally it is anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks from order to install. For the most accurate answer to this question simply reach out to us by email or fill out a contact form on the "contact us" page.

  • The payment methods we accept are cash, checks, e-transfers, and bank transfers. Payments by card are subject to a 3% fee.

Durability and longevity

  • We pass along the sauna heater manufacturers warranties.
    Two year consumer warranty for electric heaters
    One year consumer warranty for woodturning heaters
    5 year limited warranty for both electric and wood burning heaters

  • Our saunas can last for a lifetime if properly taken care of. To get the most out of your sauna, we recommend applying a coat of Pine tar every year for the first 4 years, after that, every 2 years for the next 6 years, and then once every decade. Pine tar is a superior preservation method that becomes more protective with every coat. We will provide specific details in your maintenance package. Care must also be taken to remove snow build up around the structure so it may breathe. If these simple steps are taken we expect your sauna to last as long as the viking ships.

  • Coastal Newfoundland is known for having some of the harshest coastal weather conditions with winds and waves powerful enough to sweep entire houses into the ocean. Arc saunas have been hit with multiple record breaking tropical hurricanes and remain completely unscathed. The 100% natural pine tar is the same finish used to coat sea vessels for thousands of years, from the indigenous birch bark canoes, to the viking's ships, to the naval fleets of the roman empire.

Caring for your Arc Sauna

  • We use Auson's genuine pine tar to finish the exterior of our saunas. Unlike most modern wood finishes, pine tar does not flake or peel off over time, rather absorbs in the wood. Therefore no sanding is required to refinish your sauna. For the best protection of your sauna we suggest cleaning and re-applying a coat of Auson's genuine pine tar every couple of years.

  • We offer the option of treating the interior of your sauna with Allback’s natural linseed oil wax, although many avid sauna users insist that raw, untreated wood is a must for the interior of a sauna. For those with sensitive skin allergies we recommend leaving the wood untreated. If you are purchasing your Arc sauna for commercial use we recommend treating the interior to minimize wear and tear. Treating the interior also makes cleaning easier between each sauna sessions.

  • Cleaning and applying a fresh coat of pine tar every couple years will greatly extend the life of your Arc sauna. Keeping snow from accumulating around your sauna during the winter months is also key to keeping your sauna looking great for years.

Other Questions

  • No. The original saunas made throughout Scandinavia for the last 2,000 years are all built using the trees native to them, which are the same trees available to us in Newfoundland. Spruce, fir, and aspen are the most popular trees used to build saunas throughout Finland, Norway, Sweden, as well as Russian bath houses. Western red cedar has only recently become popular in the west, for its once sought after properties. However, many of the properties that once made cedar a great option have now been lost due to mass deforestation and new growth practices using genetically modified trees. These trees are grown in a mono culture setting with massive amounts of pesticides and fertilizers being used during their growth.

    We believe the few stands of old growth Western Red Cedar left in the west should be left untouched and treasured.

  • Many barrel sauna manufacturers will send out their sauna in parts and expect their customer to assemble the sauna DIY style in order to save money. We don't like this business style for many reasons. We put great care and thought into each piece of lumber used in your sauna, selecting certain specific grain patterns for certain pieces. The installer of these pieces should be aware of this if you want the best out of your Arc sauna. Our professional installers know the installation process well and will efficiently assemble your sauna, as well as be able to give you an in-person consultation on how to care for your sauna.

  • If you are planning on moving and want to take your Arc sauna with you there are a two options. The first is to use heavy equipment and lift your sauna onto, and then back off of a flatbed trailer. If you don't have access to heavy equipment our saunas can be dis-assembled just as easily as they are assembled. An Arc sauna professional can assist in the dis-assembling and re-assembling of your sauna.

  • Arc sauna's roof design is unique to our saunas. Our patent pending roof design addresses the problems that arise from regular barrel sauna roofs. Regular barrel sauna roofs stop rain water from coming down into the sauna, but because they sit directly on top of the sauna, they trap moisture between the roof and the top of the wood. This not only will eventually cause the wood to rot, but also creates the perfect environment for harmful moulds to propagate. Our roof has curved rafters that leave a one inch (25.4mm) air gap between the sauna wood and the metal roof. Wind flows through the air gap and dries any moisture before it has a chance to rot the wood or grow any mould. Our roof is also the only barrel sauna roof that has overhangs on all four sides, protecting the entire structure under its arc.

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