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KUUSI | 6 Person Barrel Sauna



6 Person outdoor barrel sauna. The Kuusi is a great option for the sauna bather who wants space to to work out, do yoga, and share quality time in the sauna with friends and family. 


Here's some of the things that make it great:


- Seats Six People

- Features Metal Roof

- Upper Bench: 81"x21"

- Lower Bench: 79"x21"

- Natural Pine Tar Finish

- Flat Interior Floor


*Accommodates Both Wood & Electric Heaters

Electric Heater

Add: Front Porch ($1600)

Add: Under Bench Lighting ($500)

Add: Glass Door ($550)

Add: Interior Linseed Oil Wax Finish ($500)

Add: Rear Wall Window ($450)

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