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SUURI | 9 Person Barrel Sauna



9 Person barrel sauna. The Suuri is our largest sauna model. This sauna is a great addition for property owners who are looking to take their rental accommodations to the next level.


Here's some of the things that make it great:


- Seats Nine People

- Features Metal Roof

- Upper Bench: 81"x21"

- Lower "L" Shaped Bench: 79"x81"x21"

- Natural Pine Tar Finish

- Flat Interior Floor


*Accommodates Both Wood & Electric Heaters

Electric/Wood Heater

Add: Front Porch ($1600)

Add: Under Bench Lighting ($500)

Add: Glass Door ($550)

Add: Interior Linseed Oil Wax Finish ($500)

Add: Rear Wall Window ($450)

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